We Waited for “The Matrix” to Fill Our World with Justice

Everything seemed to come to a halt in the period leading up to the US occupation of Iraq in April 2003. Everyday life, educational institutions, and government offices all came to a standstill, almost as if a child had hit the pause button during a particularly terrifying scene in a movie.

Amani Al-Hassan | 29-09-2023

The Implications of the Invasion of Iraq in Syria

Bashar al-Assad fell into the trap set by the Israeli withdrawal from Southern Lebanon in 2000. A deliberate Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon, however, could have ensured continued Syrian influence in Lebanon. This influence, initially greenlit by the United States, remained equally unchallenged even after the US invasion of Iraq and its aftermath, despite the event leading to the complete destabilization of the region and the collapse of one of the...

Samir Aita | 27-09-2023

The Generation of Loss

Dima Yassine 2023-09-19

I belong to the generation that celebrated the war's conclusion in the summer of 1988. For three consecutive days, the streets teemed with Iraqis singing and dancing in response to...

I Am All of These Dead Faces

Mizar Kemal 2023-09-01

The numbers say that 200,000 civilians and an equal number of soldiers, children of these civilians, lost their lives in the war. But nobody keeps track of the number of...

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