Syria and Climate Change: Disregard is the Order of the Day

The Syrian State’s engagement with the international community regarding climate change is not limited to blaming external parties and begging for aid and funding in the absence of the much-needed national plans to face the matter. It also includes an unjust approach in dealing with the results and consequences of climate change in the country by giving priority to certain regions at the expense of others. In both cases, confronting...

Kamal Shaheen | 27-01-2023

Climate Justice Beyond the Loss and Damage Fund

Most discussions in COP27 revolved around adaptation and mitigation policies and the Loss and Damage Fund, while they steered clear of confrontations with fossil fuel producing and consuming countries which undermine climate pledges, including the host country itself, Egypt.

Safaa Ashour | 25-01-2023

Climate Change: It’s About Time!

Nahla Chahal 2022-12-29

These nine texts reveal to us what is happening today in our region, which might still be “less catastrophic” than what is happening at this moment in time and before...

Syria: Any Last Survivors?

Kamal Shaheen 2022-12-29

Climate change symptoms in Syria haven’t been limited to the odd timing and momentum of storms and rainfall or sea surfs gushing into seashore facilities for the first time, according...

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