They are killing sleeping children

According to the International Movement for Children in Palestine, the number of Palestinian children killed by the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza since the beginning of 2023 to date has exceeded 25 children, an average of at least 5 children every month. Murdering children has been a landmark practice and a historical criminal policy of Israel since the founding of its colonial state, before or after signing...

Sabah Jalloul | 18-05-2023

Law No.111 in Iraq: Speaking Up is a Crime!

Since 2003, authorities began to strengthen their legislative arsenal with laws that protect their survival in a new form designed by the American occupation, which replaced the one-person and one-party rule with the hierarchical representation of sects and nationalism. There are Shiite, Sunnis, Kurds and other minorities represented by political blocs with leaders sharing power and resources by controlling the legislative, executive, and judicial authorities and protecting their power by...

Mizar Kemal | 31-03-2023
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