“Dahr El-Moghor” Neighborhood: The Misery and Survival of Riverine Tripoli

In deep contrast with houses that bear the heavy marks of the past centuries, the streets overflow with youth. Children fill the alleys and stairs, playing games unknown to those who do not spend their time on the street… We are in the most populated residential area in Tripoli, where the number of residents reaches 50 thousand people. The reign of despair is palpable from the very first look, featured...

Joudi Al-Asmar | 07-03-2023

Egypt Sweeps Its Climate Policy Loopholes under the Rug of Propaganda

The impacts of climate change in Egypt are evident, whether in the current, observed changes, such as the temperature rises, or the underway changes, such as the projected rise in the Mediterranean Sea levels and the alarming scenarios of flooding that predict the disappearance of the Nile Delta. However, the Egyptian government’s recent attention to climate issues has little to do with addressing the impacts of climate change and much...

Safaa Ashour | 05-02-2023
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