The Campaign to Demolish Encroachments in Iraq: A Fire that Stung Millions

Iraqis continuously witness the many encroachments on state property by senior politicians and officials who occupied the palaces of former regime leaders, the buildings of state-affiliated institutions, and other innumerable locations. The government's willingness to demolish and dismantle the encroachments of the poor, without so much as lifting a finger on the powerful entities, was the most prominent catalyst for the massive wave of anger that later trickled into the...

Zaher Moussa | 28-05-2022

The Slums of Khartoum: On Life’s Edge

An account of Jabarona, one of the slums at the outskirts of Khartoum, inhabited by the second generation of migrants (1980-2000), who fled the wars and armed conflicts in the country. The majority of inhabitants at Jabarona are from the Nuba mountains, more specifically from South Kordofan.

Shamael Elnoor | 21-05-2022

The Slums of Algeria: Invisibility and Hope

Ghania Mouffok 2022-05-18

Everything has changed 57 years after Algeria’s independence, except for social exclusion, and its counterpart, spatial exclusion. To question slums is to question social inequality – that is, the “economy...

Morocco: A Kingdom of Rent

Omar Brouksy 2022-04-18

Morocco is replete with natural resources: precious minerals and vast phosphate reserves, apart from deep-sea fishing, as well as agriculture. However, these resources are managed through a rentier approach from...

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