Death is a Woman from Şingal

People slept in the streets, and then it happened. Let there be queues, and there were queues. Queues to receive food, beds, and to beg for new guises of displacement. Whenever I saw a man with a withered body, wrecked by fatigue, I’d instantly know he was from Sinjar. I didn’t have to listen to his accent or know his name. Pain was an identity we carried with us, on...

Fouad el Hassan | 05-06-2024

Israel’s Neoliberal Turn and its National Security Paradigm

The following are excerpts and summarized paragraphs from a longer article by Israeli economist Arie Krampf, in which he explains the major shift in neoliberal trends in the Israeli occupation state since the early 2000s. We are particularly interested here in understanding what this shift means with regard to Israel’s role on the global stage. In his text, Krampf says that attempts to explain Israel's adoption of a “particularly virulent...

| 26-03-2024

Egypt : No transparency in Gulf investment deals


The Ras al-Hikma deal exemplifies two features that have characterized privatization deals in Egypt since 2022: Gulf states’ acquisition of premium assets—assets of unique historical value or prized location, or...

It Is Not Just About Gaza and Palestine


The secret behind Israel’s unbridled and unfazed levels of brutality lies in the fact that it has become a major global actor of the hegemonic capitalist system, which is no...

War… Israel’s Most Profitable Business


In this conversation, journalist Frank Barat interviews Antony Loewenstein, an independent journalist, filmmaker, and co-founder of Declassified Australia. Loewenstein released his book, “The Palestine Laboratory: How Israel Exports the Technology...

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