Behind Patriarchal Prisons: Struggles against Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment has become a societal and political means of pressure and repression. It was only after female political activists and journalists were sexually harassed by organized groups of paid thugs in 2005 that sexual harassment became identified as “gender-based violence” in Egypt. The incident, which became known as Black Wednesday, constituted a pivotal moment in crystallizing and introducing the concept to human rights circles. It was the starting point...

Rabab Azzam | 10-08-2022

Tea Sellers in Sudan... Icons of the Feminist Struggle!

The local authorities estimate the number of tea sellers in the state of Khartoum at 23,000 stationary saleswomen. In the past, the job was a safe choice for internally displaced women and those fleeing conflict zones or areas affected by waves of drought and desertification. In the last few years however, it began attracting many women suffering from poverty and deteriorating living conditions. 

Shamael Elnoor | 08-08-2022
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