Medical Supplies Infiltrate War Zones: Covid-19 Vaccines in Syria

Syria still ranks as one of the least vaccinated countries in the world. Latest statistics indicate that, by the beginning of July 2021, the number of vaccine doses given in Syria has exceeded 355 thousand. Such a number could only vaccinate one percent of the population when, according to the latest WHO statistics, half the world’s countries have managed to vaccinate 10 percent of their population.

Afaf al-Hajji | 20-09-2021

Egypt’s Coronavirus: Death in alleyways of the impoverished and shantytowns

Some places on the Egyptian sociosanitary map receive no real official attention; they are home to rapid viral spreads and result in the majority of infections, according to estimates provided by doctors who work in Covid-19 designated hospitals: unofficial housing areas known as “shantytowns”. Deprived of any social or economic care, their impoverished residents have been devastatingly infected with the virus, as their lifestyle exposes them to many risks.

Rabab Azzam | 15-08-2021
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