What it takes to Protest: Adventures and initiatives in the world of Lebanon’s October 17 Uprising

All that was being born out of the uprising labelled itself either “alternative”, “new", “revolutionary”, or “reforming”. But whatever its nature be, it was always characteristically filled with a unique zeal, an excitement for what was possible, and a desire to shake what had – for so long - been stagnant. It is perhaps necessary to repeat the question: “Is there a pulse still to be found in the country’s...

Sabah Jalloul | 24-02-2021

2019-2020: Algerian Power versus the Hirak

It would be delusional to look for ways out of the general economic, political, and social crisis through futile technical or financial actions. To part with the rentier model, create a productive modern base, and restore the State would necessitate overcoming the authoritarian forms of governance of an ossified power.

Omar Benderra | 10-02-2021

The Hirak in Lockdown Algeria

Omar Benderra 2021-02-02

The rupture between the regime and the bulk of Algerian society became irreparably complete with the sudden and widespread burst of millions of protestors into a political scene that has...

On B’Tselem’s Apartheid

Majd Kayyal 2021-02-01

The Israeli human rights organisation, B’Tselem, has recently issued a statement in which it says that “the territories under Israeli control are organised under a single principle: advancing and cementing...

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