Covid-19 in Yemen: A Weaponless Battle

Because catastrophe in Yemen is multilayered, one wonders how to begin or determine the heart of the question. One could, however, point out the war, ongoing for six years now, whose aftermath was scattered authority and powers sharing the land, whose clashes stand in the way of public service provision. That’s not the only problem, though. Even before the war, the public health system had already been quite miserable.

Wissam Mohammad | 08-06-2021

The pandemic and Healthcare Sector in Egypt: Light Silhouetting the Dark

How can the healthcare system in Egypt get its priorities in order throughout the coronavirus pandemic? With allocations that do not exceed 1.5 percent of the GDP and has yet to reach the constitutional average – of 3 percent? A development plan has been announced, but its bulk falls under “presidential initiatives”. How did the response go? And what was its aftermath?

Mona Sleem | 07-06-2021
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