Iraq: Vaccines as a tool for surveillance, discipline and political rivalry

Studying the hypothetical target number of vaccinations that Iraq is trying to reach before the end of 2021, relative to its 41,190,658 citizens, and in comparison with the limited number of doses and the ineptness of the vaccination process, one can reach the conclusion that Iraq would be able to vaccinate 70 percent of eligible persons no sooner than June 2024.

Safaa Khalaf | 07-11-2021

The “politicized” doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccines in Tunisia

Many believed that the Tunisian Prime Minister, who is simultaneously the Minister of Interior, had deliberately thwarted the vaccination campaign in Tunisia in a plot to dispose of the Minister of Health who is close to the President of the Republic. This incident contributed to spiking popular anger, which erupted on July 25, 2021 in the form of demonstrations in the streets, culminating in burning some of the headquarters of...

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