Sudan: Anger is Finally out of the Bottle – Now What?

Besides their nonviolence, to which the entire world bore witness, these protests were mainly characterised as most wide-ranging, geographically speaking. Citizens of every region protested in the streets, or at least expressed their desire for change. The middle and upper classes were practically the force behind those protests

Shamael Elnoor | 16-01-2021

The 2019 Uprisings: A Constitutive Creativity

Here is the introduction to the second thematic folder that Assafir al-Arabi has devoted to studying the 2019 uprisings. Its texts come from Iraq, Sudan, Algeria and Lebanon - where the 2019 uprisings took place. They expose how and why the manifold creativity in which has revealed itself in various fields in the context of these uprisings, can indeed be considered “constitutive”, indicating changes that have and continue to occur.

Nahla Chahal | 15-01-2021

Lebanon: A Special Type of Rent

Nahla Chahal 2020-12-13

Neither on October 17th, the day protests broke out in Lebanon, nor August 4th, when the horrific explosion hit Beirut’s port, did any official come out to explain or even...

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