Palestine: from shared life to co resistance

Shared life of Jews and Arabs did exist in Historic Palestine prior to the Zionist settlement and to some extent maintained through the first decades of the 20th century... How to conceptualise the activist work of those who refuse Zionism? In the meantime, this activist work need to be seen as a work of cultural preparation. At present, this is an important contribution to the process of decolonising Palestine.

Sexual Violence and Abuses in Wars

Zero Impunity 2017-05-10

Child Rape in Syria, The french military in Central African Republic, Sexual Violence: The US’s “Psychological” Weapon. Three articles from zero impunity also available in Arabic and french at Assafir...

The Guardian: A Struggle With History


The largely unknown story of this revolution can now be studied at universities across the world, through a new online teaching resource available in Arabic and English.