Palestinians in Israel and the Illusionary Promise of Inclusive Citizenship

Israeli citizenship is a product of the Zionist colonial conquest of Palestine. While Jewish settlers were viewed as authentic subjects of citizenship who were therefore entitled to automatic semi-birthright citizenship, Palestinian citizenship was constructed as a benevolent act of gesture by the state. This holds true also today. The history of citizenship making in Israel shows that Israeli citizenship is part of the problem, not the solution.

Lana Tatour | 15-08-2020

Lebanon’s Financial Collapse Traps Yemeni Banks’ Money

In January 2020, demonstrators heckled a delegation of bankers leaving Lebanon’s central bank. This was not an uncommon occurrence – protests targeting the country’s political and financial elite had been ongoing for months. What was unique in this situation, however, was the identity of the banking delegation. These bankers were not Lebanese but Yemeni – not that the demonstrators were aware of this fact – and they had come to...

| 19-05-2020
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Work: Democratise, Decommodify, Remediate


More than 3,000 researchers from universities around the globe issued an urgent call to heed the lessons of the COVID-19 crisis and rewrite the rules of our economic systems in...

Covid-19, a North-South Combat “zone”?

Hela Yousfi 2020-04-14

The combat zone against the invisible enemy, Covid-19, revives borders that are already in place, and builds others that allow for further exclusion, separation, house arrest, status segregation and the...

Egypt: The Women and the Sea

Mona Ali Allam 2020-04-05

The Egyptian woman is not only part of the question of irregular migration for being a migrant herself. Another facet that concerns her and seems more widespread is the fact...