The first edition of “Assafir al Arabi Books”: Corruption and Predation in Exercising Power

The case study advances the idea that corruption is not only a predation, but one of the pillars of power, just as important as repression, impoverishment, and despair.

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Corruption is no self-treatable symptom; it cannot cure itself nor can its tailored arrangements; rather, it is channeled to empower a ruler(s), to sustain and perpetuate their power and hegemony. It could be more effective than oppression; takes on various shapes and forms; attacks society by taming it into submission, talks people out of pursuing change, and impoverishes them. Corruption infests everything and partners with many people to various extents. Alternately, it asks for their complicity, or their acceptance thereof, at the very least, to simplify their lives>

The first edition of “Assafir al Arabi Books” is downloadable here in PDF


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