Public Transportation in Jordan

Ahmad Abu Hamad 2015-03-29

    Complaining about Jordan’s over-crowded streets has become part of Jordanians’ everyday life. Indeed, there might come a day when you don’t find a space on the road for a...

The Islamist organisations in Jordan

Rania Jaabari 2015-03-29

    People in this small country hardly contemplate the different schools in Salafism and think that all Salafist ideologies are reduced to ISIS. Additionally, they do not reflect on the...

24 laws restrict Jordanian media

Ahmad Abu Hamad 2015-01-27

24 laws restrict Jordanian media Jordan's media sector has been recently receiving consecutive slaps in the face from the government, and it seems that they won’t stop any time soon....

The Gunslinging Legislators of Amman

Mohamed Fdilat 2015-01-20

Date: September 10, 2013. Place: Jordanian House of Representatives. Incident: An MP storms into the House of Representatives brandishing a Kalashnikov. Democratic debate is temporarily suspended as he uses two...