A Call to the World's Conscience: A Plea to End the War and the Suffering

Now we must take action closer to Gaza. We must form the Conscience of the World Convoy and end the atrocities.

Khaled El Balshy, Egyptian Journalists Syndicate

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Since October 7 the world’s regimes and powers have been complicit in the genocidal campaign against the Palestinian people. They have declined to stop Israel’s daily atrocities, rather they are aiding and abetting Israel’s war crimes..

Under various pretexts and excuses, nobody has secured a path for fuel to reach the hospitals where hundreds of the wounded and the martyred arrive every day, no regime has secured a path for bread or water to reach the people of Gaza. The children of Gaza are now dying of thirst. Our losses today are more than 10,500 martyrs, 4,324 of whom are children, with 1,350 more reported missing under the rubble. 

In the face of this genocide, all that we have left is the conscience of the free world and its people everywhere.

This is an appeal to people of conscience across the globe: we invite you to join the "Conscience of the World" convoy from Cairo towards Rafah. We will:

1. apply every legitimate pressure on this callous world to OPEN THE CROSSING; to allow all forms of humanitarian aid, including food, water, medicine, and fuel to enter on a permanent basis; and to facilitate the transfer of the critically injured people of Gaza. The Rafah crossing is under Egyptian sovereignty. We reject all constraining orders imposed by the Israeli occupation and the US.

2. Put pressure on officials until doctors, journalists and urgent aid and medical relief are allowed into Gaza.

3. Demand an immediate ceasefire.

If war criminals think that we have become desensitized to the brutality and horror of this genocide, let us collectively testify to the opposite and unite for the sake of humanity.

Freedom for the Palestinian people. Humanity will win.

The gathering and launch of the “Global Conscience Convoy” will take place from 17 to 24 November.

For more information and inquiries, contact us via: Elbalshy@ejs.org.eg; Pl.su.group@gmail.com

Please full the document: https://rb.gy/a32hrt

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