The Declaration of Dignity and Hope

The “Call for Dignity and Hope” was published in Palestine in concertation between the different actors who worked for the success of the 18th of May’s strike call.
It was spread as a leaflet. The strike was a true success in all regions of Palestine.
The statement in this post is followed by links to the Arabic and French versions.

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Laila Shawa - Palestine

People of Palestine,

Here we are writing a new courageous and honorable chapter where we tell the Truth that cannot be obliterated or erased by the oppression of Israeli colonialism, no matter how deep and severe it penetrates.

This story about Truth in our land is quite simple: The truth that we are one people and one society in the whole of Palestine. Zionist gangsters dispossessed the majority of our people. They stole our homes and demolished our villages, and then Zionism decided to tear apart the rest of what remained of Palestine, it decided to ghettoize us in secluded geographic enclaves. We were dispersed into a multitude of communities, divided and different, so that each group lives in an open-air prison, separated from one another. This is how Zionism controls us, and this is how it disperses our political will, and prohibits us from waging a unified struggle combatting a settler-colonial racist regime in the whole of Palestine.

This is how Israel imprisons us in secluded prisons as some are isolated in “Oslo prison” in the West Bank, while others in the “citizenship prison” within the 1948 area. A large part remains under the barbaric siege and continuous war in the Gaza Strip, and a part subject to force of Judaizing Jerusalem. And the rest isolated and secluded in exile. It is about time that this tragedy falls.

In these days we write a new chapter. The chapter of a unitary Intifada which aspires for solely one goal: re-uniting all structures and entities of the Palestinian society in all scopes of life. Re-uniting political will and methods of resistance against Zionism in the whole of Palestine.

Long live Palestine. Long live the Unitary Intifada.

Palestine Unitary Intifada 


Arabic and French versions

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