United Nation’s CHR recent report: In Gaza, there were war crimes and crimes against Humanity


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This is a link to the Human Rights Council report on the March of return in Gaza. A very strong report: The commission states that the Israeli army intentionally murdered children, paramedics, journalists and handicapped people, and it calls for submitting a case to the ICC - International Criminal Court. It calls also the UN states to make arrests, travel bans, and financial sanctions against specific Israeli leaders and soldiers (their names are included in a confidential supplement of the report).


Following the Human Rights Council resolution S-28/1, the independent international commission of inquiry investigates the demonstrations held in Gaza between 30 March and 31 December 2018, the response of Israeli security forces to the demonstrations and the impact on civilians in Gaza and Israel. The commission was mandated to focus on accountability and identifying those responsible for violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law. The commission found reasonable grounds to believe that some violations may constitute international crimes.

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