A New Semester in Hell

Mousa Bitar 2015-09-09

I watch their faces, gone pale with terror, as I stand before them helpless and waiting for the roof to collapse on our heads, waiting for us all to die...

Tangier and Aleppo

Mousa Bitar 2015-03-29

When I was teaching my students in Aleppo the novel “Adieu Rosalie” by the Tunisian writer Hassouna Mosbahi, I did not realize that I would face the same destiny articulated...

Fleeing through Syria

Aziz Tapsi 2015-03-29

    He chose to shorten the long road from the east of Hama to the desert and go through the city of Khanaser in Aleppo countryside, instead. His choice stemmed...

The Sniper of groats

Aziz Tapsi 2015-03-29

    Covered in his heavy coat, he crossed the large square that leads to the new headquarters of state offices whose sites have been shifted to a more secure area...